Pharping (Chandrajoti) Hydro Power Dam

Self photography

It is a historic heritage of more than a century. It is a historic tourist man-made structure. After the then Prime Minister Chandra Shamsher`s visit to Britain in 1904, hydropower projects and dams were possible in Nepal, constructed from 1906 and completed in 1911. This is Nepal`s first and probably Asia`s second hydroelectric dam.

It is a Quiet, Beautiful and Attractive Tourist destination.

From here, beautiful views of different parts of Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Makwanpur districts can be seen.

Here the place is more familiar with its unique identity than the structure itself and is known as the local name Sokhel.

There are 100-200 indigenous and foreign tourists daily as well as more than 500 tourists on public holidays.

Top View

This place is known not only for tourists but also for shooting other music video, vlog, documentary, and tele serial.